Audiovisual festival of

extreme sports

SEPTEMBER 7 & 8, 2018


ROLLFESTIVAL is an audiovisual presentation of international character dedicated to extreme sports, of risk and adventure and which intends to convert itself into a diffusion platform for
all the audiovisual creations linked to more extreme sports practices; parachuting, bungee jumping, parkour, climbing, rappel, paragliding, rafting, surf, skateboarding, wingsuiting, kitesurf and any other sport modality which requires a great dosage of adrenaline.

In the unique surroundings of Playa de Martianez, next September 7 & 8, the Tenerife Municipality of Puerto de la Cruz (Canary Islands), will host the first edition of this interesting project.


Festival audiovisual de deportes extremos.





Friday 7 sep


Opening Act and Presentation with guest Amaury Laverhe.


Projection of Official Section (First Pass)


Álvaro Padrón – Sumatra 2017, by Jairo Díaz.
The Blinking Island, by Diego Borges.
Costangram: Barcelona to Cadaqués, by Dani Millán.
Oxymoron, by Carlos Rivero.

Saturday 8 sep


Start of Activities: Zipline, Climbing Wall, Slackline, Mini Skate Ramp, Surf Skate, Surfing, Paddle Surf, Parachuting Exhibitions, Sport Photography Workshop with Michael Helsing, various workshops and chats.

Foodtrucks, Rollmarket and DJ’s Set.


Projection of Official Section (Second Pass)


Edgar Carballo – Airpelifox, by Pelinor Évora Díaz.
Equilibrium, by Adrian Rodd.
Inspirational Bodyboarding, by Tyge Landa.
Movimiento, by Pau Hernández, Hugo García and David Fernández.
Arenity, by Rayco Cano.
A Volcanic Scape, by Dani Millán.


Dj session by Víctor Carballeira.


Puerto de la Cruz, parte de ti
Consejalía de Deportes de Puerto de la Cruz
Turismo de Tenerife
Seat Motor 7 Islas
La Marea Surf School


Forestal Park
Patea tus montes
La Cueva Gráfica
Vini Soares
Alegría Producciones
Fuego Collective
El Rinconcito Verde
32 Amperios
En mi nube
Magnesium Abades
Fanfi Surf & Skate Shop
El Locero
Korner Street
La Marea Surf School
Librería Masilva
Tenerife Outdoor
Tenerife Paintball
Estrella Galicia
Consorcio Rehabilitación Puerto de la Cruz
Link Store
Atlas Canarias

Online inscription

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  • The audiovisual works must dedicate themselves to themes related to extreme sports.
  • Works of any age or origin may be presented.
  • Works which have been presented or have won prizes in other festivals may be presented.
  • Value will be given to creativity and originality.
  • All works must be presented in its original version. If it is different from Spanish, it must carry Spanish subtitles.
  • The delivery deadline will be August 20, 2018, before 2 p.m.
  • The organization reserves the right to retain a copy of the work, with the aim of filing, promotion or advertising or projections and samples.
  • The shipment costs of works presented will be paid by participants.
  • The Selection Committee will make results known in the Web page of the Festival, before Sept. 1st, 2018. The selected works will form a part of the contest.
  • Prizes will be subject to all corresponding taxes.
  • Up to 5.000 € in prizes will be distributed, divided as follows: one first prize, one second prize, one third prize, a public prize, a prize for the best work run in the Canary Islands or carried out by an author from the islands. (There is the possibility of an increase in prizes as well as in the thematic sections of the festival.)
  • The presentation of the work to our Festival means the acceptance of the bases.
  • Works will be presented online, through of the Click for Festivals platform.
  • Works will be accompanied by the corresponding inscription files.

Legal Responsibilities:
The contest participant will be the sole responsible party of his/her work. The festival organization refuses all the responsibility for the work and its contents (images and sounds of other authors) about the participant. He/she should answer if any legal representative asks him/her explanations about author’s rights.


El periodo de inscripción ha finalizado.

Works selected

We present you the selection of works for the Official Section 2018 of Rollfestival! which will be projected on open air in the surroundings of Martiánez (Puerto de la Cuz) next September 7 & 8. Who will win the 3.000€ prize for the winner thanks to the sponsorship of Seat 7 Islas?and the 1.000€ for the best Canarian work sponsored by La Marea Surf School?

Álvaro Padrón - Sumatra 2017

Production country: España
Director: Jairo Díaz
Duration: 00:04:36


A resumé of the last suf trip of Alvaro Padron to South Sumatra last Summer.

Edgar Carballo – Airpelifox

Production country: España
Director:  Pelinor Evora Díaz
Duration: 00:01:26


Technical training of a Canarian runner who fights for the first places of the podium in the national field of this disciplin (MTB Descent). In addition, he will represent Spain this year in the world championship, in Switzerland. In the video we can see how spectacular this sport is.


Production country: España
Director: Rayco Cano
Duration: 00:03:41


Yael is the ambassador of BlueWaves Surf House, in Anza, Morocco, where he became European Champion. Seeing how the weather report was coming, we proposed the trip. Between surfing and local culture, we spent ten days covering Morocco, through its beaches and cities, deserts and mountains. It’s simple, it’s letting yourself go and enjoy what is around you, an essence still palpable in these countries with their culture, their smells and their people.

The Blinking Island

Production country: España
Director: Diego Borges
Duration: 00:26:30


Through the discovery of the Legend of San Borondon, an intermitent island which appears and disappears at will in the ocean, a group of surfers will embark toward a dreamed paradise, who knows whether to forget it, to invent it or to find it?


Production country: España
Director:  Adrian Rodd
Duration: 00:08:51


Centered on the figure of Andy Criere (@acriere), Equilibrium is a documentary piece in which his personality and the form of facing surf are the main characters. Divided into parts which represent three colors, blue, red and green, Andy narrates what this form of life supposes for him. Surfing is not something additional but has been/will be a fundamental portion without which it becomes impossible to understand him. Having as a background the Island of Lanzarote, Andy’s passion for colors and nature are registered by the Director Adrian Rodd (@adrianrodd). Originally from this island, Adrian shows the fascination and the respect for it in a genuine way and contributes with all his virtues in all stages of the creative process: Direction, Recording, Musical Production and Graphic Design.

Costangram - Barcelona to Cadaqués

Production country: España
Director:  Dani Millán
Duration:  00:11:39


A group of friends start a voyage from Barcelona to Cadaques to skate whatever they find on their way.

Inspirational Bodyboarding

Production country: España
Director:  Tyge Landa
Duration: 00:04:22


Amaury Lavernhe, twice world champion, in a motivational clip for life. Everything is possible with disciplin and dedication.

A Volcanic Scape

Production country: España
Director: Dani Millán
Duration: 00:07:12


A five-day trip exploring the Island of Lanzarote, searching for some fresh air. A change in the daily routine which implies living in a big city such as Barcelona, the city where this adventure starts.


Production country: España
Director: Carlos Rivero
Duration: 00:08:15


Oxymoron is a film that seeks to expose the real essence of surfing in a natural and organic manner. Jose Maria Cabrera, surfer and professional coach, reveals us this discipline and a philosophy of life which has allowed him to realize himself as a sportsman and human being. The free surfer opens us a door to his mind and talks to us about the importance of respecting the sea and nature, without leaving aside the fears inside and outside the water. He points out to the importance of understanding his fear in order to superate himself and grow in this sport which has become a responsibility for himself and his surroundings, which has taken him to convert himself in trainer in his own island. In his speech, he tries to teach and retrieve the values of sport and the acceptance of nature as it is, including its contradictions. He speaks about his connection with nature and the sea, surfing being the main link to establish such previledge and also an exponent revealer of what defines him as a person and sportsman. After exposing his contradictions of the same, his own essence is revealed. the sea imposes strength and legal authority, in many occasions in an aggressive way. Nevertheless, it doesn’t cease offering its calmness once we come to its presence. It makes us stroll and reflect on this contradiction in itself: showing us its violent manner of surfing and the tranquility that characterizes him as a person in his way of dealing with his life.


Production country: España
Director:  Pau Hernández
Duration: 00:12:36


Under the name of 4 x 4 skateboarding, a group of friends, united by the passion for the skate and their will to maintain themselves in movement, go by all kinds of places on top of their boards and gather together their experiences, sensations and ultimately, their vision of what they like best, skating.


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