Audiovisual Festival of

Extreme Sports


  • The audiovisual works must dedicate themselves to themes related to
    extreme sports.
  • Works of any age or origin may be presented.
  • Works which have been presented or have won prizes in other festivals
    may be presented.
  • Value will be given to creativity and originality.
  • All works must be presented in its original version. If it is different from
    Spanish, it must carry Spanish subtitles.
  • The work must be accompanied by a cover, with dimensions of 1280 x
    1920 pixels (width x height).
  • The delivery deadline will be August 25, 2023, before 2 p.m.
  • The shipment costs of works presented will be paid by participants.
  • The Selection Committee will make results known in the Web page of
    the Festival, before Sept. 1st, 2022. The selected works will form a part
    of the contest.
  • Prizes will be subject to all corresponding taxes.
  • Up to 2.000€ in prizes will be distributed, divided as follows: a first
    prize of € 1.000 for the best work, and a second prize of € 1.000 for the
    best work shot in the Canary Islands or made by an author from the
    islands. (There is the possibility of an increase in prizes as well as in the
    thematic sections of the festival.)
  • The presentation of the work to our Festival means the acceptance of
    the bases.

    Legal Responsibilities:

    The contest participant will be the sole responsible party of his/her work.
    The festival organization refuses all the responsibility for the work and its
    contents (images and sounds of other authors) about the participant.
    He/she should answer if any legal representative asks him/her
    explanations about author’s rights.

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